Our Values

At Little Pepino, we're all about adapting to our surroundings and offering a helping hand (or eight) when it comes to helping others live more sustainably! We've invested all three of our hearts and nine of our brains into this business and we're excited to create a future for the next generation of Little Pepino’s.

Our Values

We want to make living sustainably easy, so easy that there's no reason not to. Our aim is to see a Little Pepino product in every household around Australia by 2025.  

All of our products are packed and shipped to you from our Sydney warehouse with lots of love and zero plastic packaging.

Why Little Pepino?

Little Pepino is named after an octopus called Little Pepino, while his body is small his brain is mighty - this little creature is one of the smartest in the world (with 9 brains to boot!). Don't be fooled by those cute googly eyes octopuses can camouflage their exterior to their environment in just 0.3 seconds and they even learnt to unscrew a jar (which is more than can be said for the bicep-challenged among us)! His blood runs blue like the sea we're fighting to save and there's enough room in all three of his hearts for each and every one of you.

Want to get in touch? Email us hello@littlepepino.com or call 0452 481 850.