At Little Pepino we want to do everything that we can to protect our natural habitat. 

Our products

One of our key values is to offer accessible and sustainable alternatives for everyday household items. All of our products have been created with you and the planet in mind. Whether it's looking at our supply chain to work out where the bamboo in our products comes from or how our products are sent to you we've got plenty of tentacles to do it all. 

Our people

Octopuses are generally solitary creatures but at Little Pepino we believe in the power of numbers. We want you to join us in our crusade to make living sustainably easy. 

End of life

We don't want to leave a trace, which is why when you're finished with your products you can send them back to us to be recycled via Terracycle's Zero Waste Box program or our bamboo products are composted (find out more here).